Postcards from Jc Lee - Aceh

Hi, postcrosser!

This time, I wanna tell U something about someone who have taught me more about philately. When I have joined in Komunitas Postcrossing Indonesia (KPI), someone named Jc Lee gave me more information how to swap postcards with each other, where we can get the nice stamps by online and she had introduced me to her friend from Abu Dhabi. 

Actually, I'm so shy with her. Because, I have not sent her yet my nice postcards. I just sent based on my stocks in that time, Batik postcards. I think, she will never send me back her surprise card. I know myself. I should not expect much for her postcard. So, I try to move on :D But, I never stop to mention her name in group of KPI because she has made big thing in my knowledge about stamps and swapping. 

And, the GOD maybe wanna make me more happier. She sent me postcards. Yeay! Hurray! Her postcard is really awesome. I never received the kind of postcard which sent by her. I could not believe! And something other which make me smile in my bedroom, I read her writing that she "pikun" for sending me postcards. Hahaha... that so funny, I think. 

Well, she is my mysterious friend from Aceh. I never see her face although in cyber world (facebook). She just always post her cute dogs. Never mind... She always in my mind and hopefully will meet each other in the next time, in the real world ^_^

Thanks for your wonderful card, Jc Lee... 


Jc. Lee, if you read this, please leave some word in comment ^_^


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    1. Yes... the wonderful community in my life :)