Bantimurung Postcards

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Now, I will show up about one of tourism objects which will be interesting. It is named Bantimurung. It is located in Maros, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is also known as the heaven of butterflies. Because, there are many species of unique butterflies there. 

Bantimurung divides into two parts. One of swimming pool and the other is waterfall. As you can see in the picture below, it is Bantimurung waterfall. How to enjoy this place? Oh, it is so easy. Just take a ticket an enter! ^_^ 

About the tickets, it is also not expensive. You may bring all of your family over there. But, you must pay attention with all of the rules in there. You have to keep your children well when they are swimming around the waterfall. There are many stones so it can make so hard if falling down. Please do not make this as a way you scare to go Bantimurung ^_^

How about the postcards? How to get it? It is also so easy. Just send message to +62 8573 5612 706 if you want to order. 

So, if you visit South Sulawesi, never forget to enjoy Bantimurung waterfall...

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