Hello ^_^

This time I come back to show about one of Germany postcards that I have. The card is about city view of Heidelberg in Germany. So sorry because this is also a late post from me. But, I believe that postcards will not bad to show up whenever we want, right?! ^_^

Heidelberg is located in Rhine Rift Valley. The wonderful place I think. Heidelberg has some unique things to show up for foreigner who visit it. 

So lucky to get this card. It was sent by my best friend, Fita Cakrawati, when she was doing travel to Europe in that time. And I just asking her for sending me postcard from there. Heidelberg am Neckar was chosen by her to send me to Indonesia.

Sometime, I also want to do traveling next time. But, for this time I just always praying to GOD to give me much money for doing ^_^

To Mrs. Fita, thanks a lot for your kind heart... Wish I also can do that like you ^_^

Germany is one of my wishlist countries. How about you, guys?
Hello, Post-crosser!

Today I want to share about one of KPI's activity beside swapping postcards. Maybe this is the late post but it doesn't mean I can forget it. 

In February last time, KPI make little swap to in Valentine Day moment. Actually, I never celebrate when I was a teen. I never take a part of it because I do not know what is the advantages for my life. And for this time, I join because I just wanna share happiness to others.

I have sent my little gift to one person (the person was chosen randomly). The person is Linny Wibisono. There is a happiness when I see smile from her face ^_^.

How about me? Yeah, I also can smile with my gift from other person (Rahcmi Yunita from Balikpapan). In KPI, we just know her as Amie Neh Amie. She gave me many things and still related with postcards. And the thing which made me "little shock" was about the cute handmade from "flanel" (the kind of cloths). You all may see the form of it. Yes, the form of handmade flanel is envelope ^_^

I was really happy when I received her gift...
If you wanna see the details, just look at the picture below:

Yeah, KPI is not just about community. It is a cyber house for me to spread more happiness. Smile in other person's face is the big happiness for my life. How about you?

If you want to join KPI (Komunitas Postcrossing Indonesia), just leave message in comment below. Just for Indonesian ^_^

Today I am really happy because one of my friend on postcrossing send me surprise ^_^
Yeah, Connie Veronica a.k.a Cocon, who lived in Balikpapan, sent me GF Thailand. Actually, this postcards is the gift. The gift is given to me because I have joined her GA (Give Away) in Facebook Group of Komunitas Postcrossing Indonesia (KPI) some days ago. 

Using Stamps which Show Hong Island**
**The picture of Hong Island is Stamp Issued by Thailand in 2012. Hong Island is famous and amazing beach in Thailand. That is why the Hong Island is stated as "The Best Beach in Asia".
This is my second time win Cocon's giveaway. In last time, I also ever got cute card from her because of winning her GA too. So, I would like to say thank you very much for Cocon for this GF Thailand. I do not know how to reply this happiness. 

Now, my GF Cards Collection are added by GF Thailand ^_^ So happy... 

Thanks Miss Cocon... Wish you all the best forever in your life ^_^
Hi, Post-Crosser!

Thanks a lot to be my loyal readers ^_^

Now, I will show up about one of tourism objects which will be interesting. It is named Bantimurung. It is located in Maros, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is also known as the heaven of butterflies. Because, there are many species of unique butterflies there. 

Bantimurung divides into two parts. One of swimming pool and the other is waterfall. As you can see in the picture below, it is Bantimurung waterfall. How to enjoy this place? Oh, it is so easy. Just take a ticket an enter! ^_^ 

About the tickets, it is also not expensive. You may bring all of your family over there. But, you must pay attention with all of the rules in there. You have to keep your children well when they are swimming around the waterfall. There are many stones so it can make so hard if falling down. Please do not make this as a way you scare to go Bantimurung ^_^

How about the postcards? How to get it? It is also so easy. Just send message to +62 8573 5612 706 if you want to order. 

So, if you visit South Sulawesi, never forget to enjoy Bantimurung waterfall...