The Postcard Wishlist: Gotochi Card from Japan

Hello, Postcrosser!

As you know that now postcards have many types. Not only in usual type with normal size but also there are several types of shaped card postcards. And the unique shaped card postcards which I put on my wishlist are Gotochi cards

Gotochi cards are the shaped card postcards which show us about Japan in locally. The pictures which are put on that card will show us like monuments, costumes, culinary and etc. Something which make them unique are the name of place in Japan are written on that postcards. So, in different place, we can find the different pictures on them. 

The pictures of Gotochi card are usually made as colorful cartoon. So, everyone who look them will be interesting on them, especially me. Now, I need them to fulfill my postcards collection. If any people from Japan who have kind heart send me them, I will say a lot of thanks. And I will try to send the beautiful postcards also from my country, Indonesia.

These are some pictures of Gotochi cards:


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