Big Thanks for Uniek and Indah

Hello, postcrosser!

So wonderful when postcards have changed my life ^_^. And now I wanna tell short story, why I joined postcrossing and having many postcards this time. As the title, I wanna say big thanks to Mrs. Uniek and Mrs. Indah (Mama Bo et Obi). They have made me love postcards. They always show up their postcards and everything about postcrossing, philately, snail mail and many others which all related with them. 

Actually, I have known them. Mrs Uniek & Mrs. Indah are my friend, close friend, in one of blogging communities. We are met each other and share several topics everyday, included postcards. 

Mrs. Uniek had made me join one group of postcrossing in Indonesia, which called KPI or Komunitas Postcrossing Indonesia. In that group, I have studied many things about postcards and postcrossing, get more friend in cyber world and many others. 

Mrs. Indah had taught me about how to write postcards correctly. And also, she introduced me about United Nation, especially via postcards. 

I am really happy that they always support me in postcrossing activity. It must be admitted, that this activity cost much money. Because, you will prepare the best postcards to send them around the world. But, it is not the reason to be retreated. Hobby is hobby. You must be managed in accordance with the financial condition. 

So, how about you? Wanna join with me in postcrossing world? Just say, I will help you ^_^


  1. dulu... saya lumayan sering dapat postcard, kalau skrg udah gak pernah lagi hehehe....

  2. Nice to read it Amma.... Yes we have wonderful life with postcard pals around us. For me, postcards are only a way to get more and more friends around the world. The most important thing is still human behind the postcard. I love all of my postcard pals, including you, my dearest friend :*

    1. Hi, Mrs. Uniek...
      Thanks for making me "like crazy" with all of the wonderful postcards from around the world