Greetings From Taiwan, The First GF Card I Have

Hello, postcrosser!

I don't know why that cards which made by Ewa K. (Postallove) are so interesting. There are many people compete with their money to get them. Same with me. I have to call or sending message some people who have those cards in their origin country. 

As you know, getting postcards especially Greetings From... (GF) from the origin country are not easy. Some of the postcrossers are picky to get swap friends. But, if you are lucky person, you can get GF cards although you do not have the same theme cards. It's all about your candidate swahad arrip friends I think. 

I prove it when I met Stella Tseng from Taiwan. She is very kind heart to swap with me. I sent her about shaped card map (Java map card made by Posnesia). She like it very much and I also really am being happy until now, because she never think too picky to me ^_^

So, I wanna say thanks that Greetings From Taiwan (GF Taiwan)had arrived safely. Yesterday I try to called her again for swapping. I also asked her about the cute postcards which is designed by 

Oh, these are the photos of GF Taiwan from Stella Tseng (no hoax ^_^)

If you, who read this article, have some cards based on that website, just comment on the column of comment below ^_^ 

Once again, thanks a lot Stella...

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