The Firs Postcard I Got in 2014

Hello, postcrosser!

Now, I will tell you all about the firs postcard that I got. It is received when I joined postcrossing forum for the first time, especially postcrossing group of Indonesia, KPI. The postcard came from Batam, Indonesia. The name of postcrosser who sent me is Ucy Oksa Putri. 

Actually, I never know her before. I just offer my greeting on that group. Not waiting for long time, her card came with the nice picture on it. I did not know, why she choose "plane" for me whereas I never tell her that I like the view from plane. Hmmm... so amazing she sent me that...

If you want to see her card, just show the picture below:

As long as I joined KPI, she is the kind postcrosser. She never forget to send postcard on time. She also always check it up to know that the card arrived safely or not. Someday, I will also keep connecting with her, because I really like some of her collection. 

Now, we are in the Round Robin group for postcards exchange in special theme. Wanna feel the wonderful thing for postcrossing? Just join us in KPI ^_^

Terima kasih yah mbak Ucy karena sudah jadi orang pertama yang mengirimkan saya postcard, yang tanggalnya tepat sehari sebelum saya ulang tahun... 18 November ^_^