This is my Greetings From card (Indonesia) made in Postallove

Hello, postcrosser...

We meet again in new story about postcards. This time I will tell about one of phenomenal postcards which happened in postcrossing. 

Yes, the postcards is called Greetings From... or GF which made by postallove in Poland.

If you see the design, almost the postcards giving the magnetic interesting. And Ewa as designer of those cards always give the best for that. First, the postcards design of Indonesia has not been made. However, due to demand of Indonesia postcrosser, Ewa made it. Now, that card is booming instantly in Indonesia. Over 650 postcards are ordered from Indonesia by my friend in KPI group. So amazing!

This is the picture of GF Indonesia. If you want to swap with this, just tell me by comment below. But, I will choose the best card according to my mind. Prefer your offer the GF also and send from the origin country. I just need from many countries of this GF, like Nedherlands, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Barbados, United Kingdom, and soon.


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