Amazing Shaped Cards from Taiwan (MILU Design)

Hi, post-crosser!

Quite long time not to say anything here ^_^
But, never mind because I have to keep my Baby first and also my husband. They were sick. So, I have to keep them in healthy, although I am sick also actually.

Now, I want to share about my Incoming Cards in Postcrossing. Therea are some cute, unique and amazing cards which made from other countries. For example, the cards from Taiwan. I have swapped with some post-crossers from Taiwan. Their cards made me feel happier as Post-crosser. Do you want to see the cards?

Please, look at the pictures below:

These are two cards from Taiwan which made by MILU design. The cards are too thick. So, we will never feel worry about probably bending or maybe broken. They are so amazing cards, I think. I do not know about the price. But, in my mind, they are not cheap.

*The Right Side: The Presidential Office Building is located in Taipei City.
*The Left Side: The Electric-Techno Neon Gods performance in huge religious puppet on. The name of the God is Sam Tai Ze.

About the stamps, I also really like them. So cute and representative of the country, Taiwan. 

The last, I wanna say thanks to:
Melanie and Sabine for your kind heart of these cards

Let's we swap with other cards! ^_^

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