Greetings from Poland: GF card from Marcin

Hello, post crosser!

Big thanks to GOD, because I can write on this blog again. It is too hard for me, if I want to write but my little baby always ask me to play together ^_^ Of course I have to play with her, first. But, my exciting for postcards, especially from other country is too big also. So, they must run parallel.

Now, I want to show up one Greetings from (GF) card again (made by Postallove). The card came from one country which also having many post crosser, about  25.000 members. And you know, Postallove is also from Poland. That's why GF Poland have three different design. But, for this lucky time, I just can get one design from Marcin, the kindhearted person in post-crossing society.

Big thanks for Marcin who helped me for my GF collection. Today, I still get 4 (four) GF card. I believe someday my GF card will be full of completed (which they are sent from the origin country... *my wish*

This is the GF card of Poland, it is cute, isn't?

And look at the stamps... so cute and very wonderful stamped postcard than I ever have before... You must agree that Marcin is the nice person too by looking the PC.

This is the one of my happiness story about post-crossing. And I hope always get some happiness again, more and more...

Hello, Marcin.. wish my card also arrive safely... ^_^

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