Big Incoming from Rachmi Yunita (Amie Neh Amie)

Hello, Post-crosser!

Today I want to share about one of KPI's activity beside swapping postcards. Maybe this is the late post but it doesn't mean I can forget it. 

In February last time, KPI make little swap to in Valentine Day moment. Actually, I never celebrate when I was a teen. I never take a part of it because I do not know what is the advantages for my life. And for this time, I join because I just wanna share happiness to others.

I have sent my little gift to one person (the person was chosen randomly). The person is Linny Wibisono. There is a happiness when I see smile from her face ^_^.

How about me? Yeah, I also can smile with my gift from other person (Rahcmi Yunita from Balikpapan). In KPI, we just know her as Amie Neh Amie. She gave me many things and still related with postcards. And the thing which made me "little shock" was about the cute handmade from "flanel" (the kind of cloths). You all may see the form of it. Yes, the form of handmade flanel is envelope ^_^

I was really happy when I received her gift...
If you wanna see the details, just look at the picture below:

Yeah, KPI is not just about community. It is a cyber house for me to spread more happiness. Smile in other person's face is the big happiness for my life. How about you?

If you want to join KPI (Komunitas Postcrossing Indonesia), just leave message in comment below. Just for Indonesian ^_^


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