[Germany] View of Heidelberg Postcard from Mrs. Fita

Hello ^_^

This time I come back to show about one of Germany postcards that I have. The card is about city view of Heidelberg in Germany. So sorry because this is also a late post from me. But, I believe that postcards will not bad to show up whenever we want, right?! ^_^

Heidelberg is located in Rhine Rift Valley. The wonderful place I think. Heidelberg has some unique things to show up for foreigner who visit it. 

So lucky to get this card. It was sent by my best friend, Fita Cakrawati, when she was doing travel to Europe in that time. And I just asking her for sending me postcard from there. Heidelberg am Neckar was chosen by her to send me to Indonesia.

Sometime, I also want to do traveling next time. But, for this time I just always praying to GOD to give me much money for doing ^_^

To Mrs. Fita, thanks a lot for your kind heart... Wish I also can do that like you ^_^

Germany is one of my wishlist countries. How about you, guys?


  1. Wah... jadi teringat masa-masa saling kirim kartu pos sama temen sekolah. Kangeeen....
    Btw, aku follow blognya ya, Mak. Yuk saling follow... hehehehe #fakirfollowerberaksi :D

  2. nyasar ke blog yg ini, blog kamu banyak ya kak hehehe, ish senangnya dikirimin postcard :(

  3. I love Germany. It has so many interesting cities to visit..